It all starts at the core

From my home to yours, Lockdown ABS is an online exercise program originally created and delivered live during the COVID-19 pandemic. I have received many requests to package and make the program more widely available, so here it is! This program provides the foundation for a fit, strong, healthy core and body.

  • Over 5-hours of core abdominal workout exercises divided into 10 fun and challenging classes.

  • Each class offers variety and challenge and includes beginner to advanced core exercise modifications.

  • Each class offers both a standard (full instructional breakdown and workout) and an INTENSIVE version, for those looking to jump straight into the workout.

  • Take your classes anywhere and anytime. Purchase of this program provides unlimited access.

  • All classes include downloadable workout sheets that provide all beginner and advanced exercises.

Meet your Instructor

Founder, Fit with Uli

Uli Webster

Growing up in Germany I have had a passion for sports and fitness from a very young age. In Canada, I turned this passion into my life’s mission, to help people take back their life and stay fit for life.
With my skills as a professional personal trainer, my specialized knowledge and education in training older adults, and the demonstrated results my clients have achieved, I have established myself as a trainer that works closely with and for my clients. I am proud to offer online fitness training and to be in a position to help people take back their life no matter their age or location in the world!
Lockdown ABS with ULI is the first of many programs to be offered in this online training platform. If you have suggestions or feedback please reach out to me at the email below. Every suggestion only makes my offering stronger. You can also follow me on Instagram @fitwithuli
I look forward to hearing about your fitness results.
Take care and Take Back Your Life!

The Program

  • 2


    • Lockdown ABS Class #1

    • Lockdown ABS Class #2

    • Lockdown ABS Class #3

    • Lockdown ABS Class #4

    • Lockdown ABS Class #5

    • Lockdown ABS Class #6

    • Lockdown ABS Class #7

    • Lockdown ABS Class #8

    • Lockdown ABS Class #9

    • Lockdown ABS Class #10

  • 3

    Lockdown ABS (INTENSIVE)

    • Lockdown ABS Class #1 (INTENSIVE)

    • Lockdown ABS Class #2 (INTENSIVE)

    • Lockdown ABS Class #3 (INTENSIVE)

    • Lockdown ABS Class #4 (INTENSIVE)

    • Lockdown ABS Class #5 (INTENSIVE)

    • Lockdown ABS Class #6 (INTENSIVE)

    • Lockdown ABS Class #7 (INTENSIVE)

    • Lockdown ABS Class #8 (INTENSIVE)

    • Lockdown ABS Class #9 (INTENSIVE)

    • Lockdown ABS Class #10 (INTENSIVE)

  • 4

    You've unlocked the lockdown

    • Congratulations!! You did it!

    • What's your core strength now?

    • Bonus Class! Stretching and Mobility

    • Before you go...

People are talking

Thoroughly recommend

Donna Barker

I recently decided to try the Lockdown Abs with Uli program. I had read research that variety is a critical component of muscle development and was pleased that Uli offers a variety of core exercises. There was no overload of the same exercises over and over. After a few Lockdown Abs classes, Uli really inspired me to work towards true change. She gives clear instructions for each exercise and provides modifications for all levels of fitness. Uli is a phenomenal trainer with an incredible amount of information to share. I value her genuine desire to help others and to facilitate positive change. I always feel better than before I started the class. I thoroughly recommend these classes to anyone. This program will help you improve in a welcoming and encouraging environment with one of the best trainers.

Best trainer I've ever had

Michele Philp

I have been training with Uli since the late fall of 2019 and she's been fantastic! Very insightful, knowledgeable, fun and she kicks my butt! I've gotten so strong under her tutelage. My lower back issues have resolved and I've never felt better. When she decided to go online and teach classes, I was all in! So far, I've nearly completed her Lockdown Abs course and am excited to continue in whatever she offers next. She offers multiple options on the exercises so no one is left out and as I'm not advanced but not a novice either I can go back and forth between the options as I get stronger. She's the best trainer I've ever had. I highly recommend her to everyone!

Great Program!

by Stephanie Laoun

Lockdown ABS with Uli is a great program! I've noticed in just 7 classes how much stronger my core and abs have become. The classes are always the perfect amount of challenge for me and Uli's encouragement is just what I need to get me through the workout. Most of all, the classes are fun and I find myself smiling and laughing a lot during class. What better way to work on your core than with a smile on your face!

Highly recommended program

Chad Galloway

Abs have always been my least favourite exercise. Full-stop hate 'em. But as someone who’s also always enjoyed running and strength training, I appreciate how important it is to having a strong, capable core. Also, they’d be kinda cool to have for once! After taking Lockdown Abs with Uli I feel that for the first time I have a way to strengthen my abs without the pain and neck stress I generally experience. Uli has given me both a sense of structure for all future core and ab development as well as a ton of confidence. She's is a great instructor who offers a ton of modifications to help everyone in her class get the most from each workout and her positive energy really helps to keep everyone going. I can’t recommend her or her class enough. Thanks Uli!

What a gift!

Della Garvin

Uli makes exercising fun in these short weekly sessions. I've appreciated the explicit instructions and demonstration with options for the level each of us can try depending on our own stage and age with this. I especially appreciate having two exercises at a time, alternating between each with a little count down at the end, so we know we are close to done! Thank you for your encouragement, too Uli! You make these sessions something to look forward to!

I feel stronger every day!

Rosi Seidler

The exercises in Lockdown ABS with Uli are effective and fun. Uli's energy is invigorating and will leave you feeling motivated to take on the rest of the day. I feel stronger every day! Thank you Uli for sharing your knowledge and passion!

Clear and engaging

Maria Conway

As a long-time client of Uli’s (I also do semi-private zoom classes), I was excited to try her Abs class. It’s short and sweet but definitely a challenge. She gives lots of options so you can tailor your class to how energetic you are feeling that day. She’s always super positive and her instruction style is clear and engaging. And one day, I hope to have abs like hers!

The perfect accompaniment for my cardio

Amy Romer

Uli’s clear instruction and mindful options for modification make Lockdown Abs with Uli a great option for anyone wanting a short but challenging workout that focuses on core strength. Each week is different, getting gradually more challenging, and I can feel my core getting stronger! Her sessions are the perfect accompaniment for my cardio schedule. I’ve taken a lot of virtual classes during lockdown, but Uli’s is the only one I’ve persisted with. Can’t wait for what’s next!

Let’s get you started

Purchase of this program provides you with immediate access to all classes.

You have Questions!

We have answers :)

  • What do I need to take this program?

    Comfortable workout clothes, mat, towel, water bottle, and lots of enthusiasm.

  • How do I know I am doing the exercise correctly?

    Each class offers step by step instructions demonstrating correct form and technique for both beginner and advanced modifications. You can go at your own pace and stop, pause and repeat the demonstrations as often as you like.

  • How is this program different to watching videos on YouTube or using an app with core exercises?

    There are many great individual exercises on YouTube and lots of app options to choose from. However, the goal of this program is different. My goal is to build your core strength in a progressive, incremental and achievable way. I want you to understand and experience each specific movement and modification with correct form. I want you to be excited for your next class and develop the habit of core training into a twice weekly routine. Most importantly, I want you to avoid injury to your neck or back and do these exercises correctly, understand each movement and learn to love your core. To achieve this, I have designed the program to be delivered over 5 weeks so you can get the results you need and set yourself up for ongoing core training success.

  • Does Uli offer personal training?

    Yes! I offer a range of ways to help my clients and members of this program. I have clients in Canada, the U.S and Europe.
    I offer:
    Personal Training one-on-one
    Personal Training Online through zoom video. Many of my existing clients receive personal training in this way.
    Custom Program Development
    ... and of course Online Training Programs

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